Jet Lag and the Future of the Blog

Since it’s currently on my mind as I’m taking the train home from work; jet lag sucks. It all started when I took the plane home a few weeks ago and completely reversed my sleep schedule. For the two weeks I was home I spent every waking moment fighting the desire to sleep and every sleeping moment fighting insomnia. I managed pretty well, only suffering the lovely side effect of almost no appetite for about four days. When I finally got over jet lag I got back on a plane and returned to china.
Apologies for being extremely lazy while vacationing. I’ll try and have a few new posts soon. Below are some of the topics I’ll be writing about soon depending on whether or not I’ve got enough content to actually make a full post. 
  • Why China is Skinny
  • Six Months Abroad and my Return to the United States
  • My First Vacation Outside of Shanghai (With lots of pictures!)
  • China Round 2