Our flight was set to arrive in Phnom Penh at 11pm. By the time we got our visa and passed through the various checkpoints it would be rather late. Quite possibly, too late to find a place to sleep. I sent two different guest houses reservation inquiries. I declared the matter settled and left it at that.
The next day, the day of departure, I checked my email and found no reply. At this point I became a little nervous. I had no idea what we’d be in for if we didn’t have a hotel. With the use of Skype, I made a call to one of the hotels that I’d emailed the previous day. The connection was so bad but I managed to say I’d email him and he promised to reply. An hour later, I had no reply and in two more hours, I’d depart for the airport and have no hotel. I found a list of hotels and made inquiries to most of them. I finally got a response and confirmed the room.
I met my friend at the bus station and we headed off to the Airport. Along the way he asked me why I’d put down his number for the hotel. I did this because I wasn’t bringing my own phone. This matter is insignificant but what is, is that he confirmed the room but the first hotel was the only one I put his number down for. Now we were confirmed for two hotels and two hotel pickups. I decided to remedy this situation by giving the second guy at the airport a few dollars for his troubles and apologize for the inconvenience.
After making our way through the checkpoints, we walked out to the waiting area. Three pieces of paper waited with my name on it. About this point my brain shut down. I got the guy of the hotel I confirmed myself and the three of us left the airport. I pretty much sprinted to the shuttle. As we sat in the van and my friend laughed at my failure I realized I didn’t pay them any money. Sorry Cambodian people that your first impression of me was of an asshole.

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