Finishing up Phnom Penh with Pictures

After finishing up our tour of the grave site, we took the mellower route with the rest of the day and checked out some of the great architecture of the city along with our tour guide.

Phnom Penh Royal Palace
The Royal Palace
Phnom Penh Royal Palace
No shoes allowed inside

Phnom Penh Royal Palace Gate
Pattern on one of the gates inside the Royal Palace.

Phnom Penh Royal Palace Wall
This painting extended the length of the entire wall of the Royal Palace.

Stopping for a drink, we were not used to such hot weather after leaving the Shanghai winter behind.

Building inside of the Royal Palace with Beautiful patterns. Definitely my favorite building from traveling.

Motorcycles are the number one mode of transportation in South  East Asia. You can fit your entire family  on one, attach your entire shop to the back, sit your dog between your legs, etc. 
Cambodian frog legs
Several years ago I wouldn’t eat anything, if you don’t know read this. Now I’m eating frog legs…

Cambodian ox tongue with red ants
and ox tongue with a side of red ants!

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