Art Dump: Volume 1

I’ve decided to start learning to paint/draw as one of my hobbies. Here are my pictures. Be sure to click the link at the end to see more pictures if interested. The inspirations for these were to make postcards, listen to a song and draw it, or to drink a bit and enjoy music and draw.


January Picture Dump


They call it a bullet ant, because its bite feels like a bullet. With a name like that, it had to die.

Starting a new hobby in site.

And another hobby.

What’s that?

An ant carrying a butterfly. 

Delicious drink known as saril or Jamaican Tea. 

Found this guy hiding among my flip flops.

Cooking in site.

Went on a hike. It went from desert looking, to forest, to jungle.

Cool leaf I found along the way.


Path along the middle for people walking. Horses have torn it up so badly that during the rainy season it’s a muddy mess here.

Watching a road being built in my friend’s community from her front porch. On that day the first vehicle ever drove into the community. Pretty crazy to t