My first year in Peace Corps in 20 Photos

1. Heading off for our first adventure into the countryside of Panama to do a week of technical training in a volunteer’s site.

2. This was my third day in my community. Several community members were preparing sugar cane to be made into a drink.

 3. This is where I spent a lot of my first 3 months, on my host family’s porch, studying Spanish at my desk or working on my sombrero.

4. This is the view of where I used to get cell phone service for the first few months. Beautiful views pop up all the time.

5. This is the moment when all the work I put into making my GPS map came together and I finished. Lots of slow goings on but when everything comes together it’s amazing.

6. Just have to get those blocks up that hill to that shed, and turn it into my house.

7. Went out to make a phone call after having a bad day and… beautiful views pop up all the time.

8. Family in Panama!

9. Beautiful views pop up all the time. The flowers and birds here are amazing.

10. House and rancho done!

11. Beautiful views pop up all the time. Also, this is the top of the mountain in the middle of my community.

12. There’s always work to be done with fellow volunteers. Here we are constructing a water tank.

13. Carnival celebration. Lots and lots of water to stay cool.

14. The first fruits of my labor in my garden. It’s absolutely amazing to forget to buy vegis and then head to the garden and grab some tomatoes, peppers, and culantro (Panamanian cilantro) instead.

15. Camera was stolen, it happens. This would have been the coolest picture of my service of a bulldozer arriving to my friend’s community and bringing a road for the first time ever.

16. Too many bugs. 

17. Lots of rota-folio paper for lots of meetings. We don’t have PowerPoint here. This was for my first meeting.

18. Action shots of working on my garden.

19. We started an agriculture project in my community. This was the first meeting.

20. … and of course fútbol.