Pre Colombia Update

First of all, thanks again to everyone that donated, I greatly appreciate your help!

For those that don’t know, I applied for, and received an invitation to attend IDD Summit in Cali Colombia for three weeks in June. The purpose of the summit is to investigate solutions for waste management. This will be a great opportunity to be able to apply my engineering skills to develop new appropriate technologies for combating waste. I’ll be heading out in a few days and I’ve got my bags packed and I’m ready to go!

There’s not much else to report at this point but I was asked to select which projects I’d like to work on during breakout sessions during my time in Cali and these are the three projects I selected:

Transportation carts
In his project, participants will look out alternatives to solve some of the challenges waste pickers face moving waste materials at an urban and peri-urban level with prevalence of hillside terrains. The focus of this project will be (but is not limited) to human-powered vehicles.
Rubble repurposing
Construction waste is usually an overlooked stream. In this project participants will look at possibilities for reusing construction waste. Some recovering alternatives include but are not limited to floors, bricks or construction materials.
Plastic extruder
Creating new things out of plastic such as objects that can be sold or 3D printing filament is possible through melting and re-shaping certain types of plastic. Participants will propose ways in which plastics present in the waste streams could be extruded and made ready to be transformed into new objects such as 3D filaments.

That’s all for now, I hope to have regular updates during my time at the summit so follow this blog if you’re interested in updates!

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